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Honey Bees

We keep bees here on the ranch and this year have expanded into swarm and bee removal. This is so we can increase the number of bees we manage as well as increase the number of wild bees in the area.

If you see a swarm do not kill them as these are bees looking for another place to live. A swarm of bees is docile and only looking to stay in a ball with the rest of the bees. Call a beekeeper and let them know where the swarm is and they will be happy to come pick them up and take care of them.

Bees have been in a steep decline over the past decade and are in danger of disappearing. Helping them by allowing a beekeeper to take care of them is a good step towards their preservation. They may be a pest to you but bees are an important part of nature and need everyone’s help. The current estimation is that every third bite of food you eat that bees had a hand in their pollination. These days every bee is important and we do need to preserve them. Even commercial beekeepers that do mass pollination of crops are experiencing difficulty keeping bees alive due to pesticides used on crops in addition to all the other natural pests and diseases that affect bee health.

The only way bees will survive is if humans realize how important they are and take steps to help. Your call to a beekeeper to retrieve a swarm is one of those steps. We at Jimily Farms do swarm retrieval as well as established colony removal. We do this to help you remove a pest that you do not want, and help us increase the number of managed bees, and in this way everyone wins. We do charge a fee for removal as it is hard work if walls have to be cut into, or decking removed etc, but to have a pest removed by pest control would also be costly. Our removals will take the bees, the comb and honey from the place they have built in order to make sure no other insects invade, and to make it less possible for another colony of bees to move in. Catching a swarm off of a tree before the bees have moved in are generally free with a small gas charge only.

Email us here at and we would be happy to arrange for a removal of an established colony or to retrieve a swarm.

We thank you and the bees would thank you if they could.